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The World In 1969

The second republican to be elected to the White House in 36 years, Richard Milhous Nixon, was inaugurated as the 37th president of the United States. (Jan. 20). Three Apollo 9 astronauts ride flawless launch into earth orbit and execute link-up with space ship, starting complex 10-day flight that puts America on threshold of moon landing (March 3). President Ayub Khan quits after 11 years as Pakistani's leader and gives control of strife-torn nation to military (March 25). Dwight David Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander in World War II and 34th President of the United States, dies at 78 after long series of major illnesses (March 28). First anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's asassination is observed throughout nation, but memorial in Memphis, where he was killed, is marred by vandals (April 4). 300 students seize main administration building at Harvard University, eject nine deans, and lock doors with bicycle chairs. Group presents six demands including end of Reserve Officers Training Corps at Harvard (April 9). Jury sentences Sirhan Bishara Sirhan to death in gas chamber for slaying of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (April 23). President de Gaulle quits French presidency after losing referendum (April 27). 200 Catholic saints are dropped from official liturgical calendar as part of reform ordered by Ecumenical Council Vatican II (May 9). Racial rioting explodes in Malaysia with more than 100 persons believed killed and hundreds injured in Kuala Lumpur (May 13). Great Britain's Prince Charles is invested as Prince of Wales at ancient Caernarvos Castle amid several bomb blasts (July 1). Joe Namoth, super Bowl hero of New York Jets announces retirement after being told by pro football commissioner he must dispose of his interest in bar. Sells bar and "unretires" July 18 (June 6). Stonewall riot in New York City marks beginning of gay rights movement (June 28).

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." With these words, Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong stepped onto the moon from the module Eagle at 10:56 PM (EDT), climaxing the flight of Apollo 11. Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., followed him to the savey surface, while Michael Collins circled the moon in the command ship. Armstrong and Aldrin planted an American flag on the moon, installed scientific instruments, and gathered samples of moonrock. Three days later, all 3 astronauts splashed down safely in the Pacific. The moon landing, seen around the world on television, was one of the greatest events in human history. It's very grandeur, however, illuminated the discrepancy between man's achievements in science and his failures in maintaining peace and decent living standards on earth. Still, the moon landing had forever broadened human horizons (July 20).

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy pleads guilty to leaving scene of fatal accident at Chappaquiddick, Mass. (July 18), in which Mary Jo Kopechne was drowned-gets two-month suspended sentence (July 25). More than 90 persons are injured as Northern Ireland's religious warfare spreads to Belfast (Aug. 3). Czechoslovaks, resentful of year of Soviet occupation, turn Prague into city of massive protest demonstrations and violence (Aug. 21). Rock idol Bob Dylan draws estimated 150,000 young peolple to Isle of Wight off Britain in Woodstock Festival (Aug. 31). Chairman Mao Tse-tung presides over celebration in Peking marking 20th anniversary of Communist rule in China (Oct. 1). Brazilian military junta picks cavalry general from cowboy country, Emilio Garrastaza Medici, to succeed ailing President Arthur da Costa e silva (Oct. 7). Sesame Street debuts. Internet (ARPA) goes online.

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